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but why is he lighter? same with the artist’s version of keesha :/



Maria in the comics

She may have been a white Russian woman at some points, and the cartoon did darken her noticeably, but in Civil War and Secret Invasion, the comic events where she played a pivotal role, she looks a hell of a lot like a light-skinned WoC to me.

And given that sometimes she’s white and sometimes she’s not, and that there was a full cast almost wholly consisting of white guys, would it have killed them to go the ‘not’ route?

Word.  You know who would have been an awesome Maria Hill?  Michelle Rodriguez.

if she were woc would joss have killed her off?


didn’t even pass the bechdel test, didn’t even try to

and i very distinctly had that thought while watching! “…isn’t maria hill a woc. WHY COULDN’T SHE BE A WOC???”

might as well just paste on a review, too:

i saw it tonight because my mom wanted to go see it (“monday nights aren’t busy for you right??? your brother said it’s fun, i haven’t been to the theatres in a while, i need to watch something after working so hard” yes okay LET’S GO) 


it was okay? really simple plot but it didn’t seem to know how to keep track of all the marbles and sometimes one or two would roll away, never to be addressed again

for all the nuance thor gave loki last year, this loki was really flat and boring. and a loki without at least two back-up plans is not a believable loki. despite his flair for dramatics and me!me!me! attitude, he’s a clever SNEAKY god, but everything he did was really heavy-handed and snore i’ll stick with comics loki

the power scale was kind of confusing. “so HOW strong/powerful are you again…?”

was surprised they killed off coulson, his char had good potential for other marvel cinematic spawns (but then again how many white dudes do you see used as the sacrificial lamb to bring the team together???)

and i’m really tired of the “teammate down finally gives us perspective of the situation at hand” trope. because apparently all the avengers have never faced imminent doom and destruction before nor have ever gone through that life-changing “i can make a difference/i am different/life is valuable” epiphany at least once? build on what’s already been established!!! don’t start from square one. your audience ain’t that scatterbrained. seriously, stop spelling out every motivation (i think loki’s was explained in detail THREE TIMES. WITH FLASHBACKS). if your dialogue and editing are tight enough, the pieces’ll fall into place by themselves

i mean i guess this movie was the next step in that line of growth where everyone learns that TEAMWORK IS NECESSARY. how boring 

also, when tony fucking stark is the most socially aware person in the film, there is a problem. a tony stark ego-sized problem. 

black widow was the most interesting character and relatively well-done in general. mark ruffalo (as bruce banner) was probably dishing out the best acting tho

every time something seemed mildly annoying or off, i remembered it was directed and co-written by whedon and then it made sense

ETA if there’s one ~nice thing i could say, i did like the pacing/editing of the action scenes. good balance. unlike inception which really, was so SO terrible at it. (haha, speaking of inception, i told my mom that the new batman movie was coming out ugh, and she asked who was in it, and i said “well, there’s that douchebag christian bale” and then i tried to think of recognizable movies the other actors were in before realizing the main cast of inception is in the movie. it’s inception, part 2!!! wow what another huge reason for me not to see it)

Chataya and Alayaya’s Roles Whitewashed in A Game of Thrones?


So I understand that not everything in the tv adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire will be true to the books. But why is it so easy to waste precious airtime to flesh out a character that was only called “the red-headed whore” with no other significance to the storyline than her reputation for beauty, yet so difficult to actually include characters integral to the series? (Tyrion found both Chataya and Alayaya to be beautiful as well.)

Oh, I know. It’s because we can’t have powerful WoC on television for the world to see. Chataya owned and ran her own upscale brothel, had the nobles of King’s Landing as regular customers, and along with her daughter Alayaya, became instrumental in Tyrion’s visits to Shae. So someone please tell me why these two parts have been whitewashed?  If the parts needded to be condensed, why couldn’t the one woman have still been a PoC? If their roles were too minor to matter, explain Roslin’s elevation from “red-headed whore.” And since Hollywood likes to go with the “no PoC auditioned” excuse, explain this lovely woman who made it onto the show as a background character and could easily have played either of the Summer Isles women.

It honestly saddens me when this is done. It’s the Hunger Games all over again, but not many ASoIaF fans seem to notice or care. Not only were Hunger Games fans angry when Cinna’s description was left open to interpretation and filled by Lenny Kravitz, they were upset that Rue, who is clearly described of having dark skin and hair was filled by Amandla Stenberg. So why isn’t there the same angry backlash when roles meant for PoC are given to white actors and actresses? It’s because they’re thought of as belonging to white actors to begin with and PoC should be happy with any parts they see fit to give to us. Like olive-skinned Katniss being played by Jeniffer Lawrence, people were quick to come to the defense of the casting directors. In the same vein, these people shot down the fans who despaired that their hopes of having an identifiable character had been dashed by the Caucasian-restricted casting call. These may be fictional worlds, but the choices made in reality reflect the gross abuse of white privelege. It needs to stop.

it takes a special kind of bullshit to take the already problematic as hale source material and actually make it worse

"i have an idea. let’s MAGNIFY the orientalism and ethnocentric white gaze"

"these books are hundreds of pages with hundreds of characters. we should allocate time wisely by showing more pointless scenes that objectify women"

"the women, living in a patriarchal society, do not have as much agency as men. let’s take away what little is awarded to one of the most important characters and instead give it to her son" 

"it’s the stereotypical white hetero fantasy nerd male fans who’re keeping this show afloat. let’s pander to them and treat them like children while completely ignoring any other demographic"



sweet jesus

*nods hysterically, covering herself in drool*

i want to love this unconditionally but chell is not that pale :/