'cause on one hand, i am the hugest sucker for german expressionism and that painting literally had me stop and gasp when i first saw it in november because it is really that eye-catching. the way their hands are done makes it seem like they're bathing in the light. i think my favorite thing is the delicacy of the dark haired woman’s shape contrasting with the boldness of the red in her cheeks and mouth. don’t get me started on the cezanne influenced blocks of color (esp the patch of sunlight hitting the side of the dark haired woman’s forehead and its twin on her chest).

but on the other, flight is so playful with its use of perspective, light, and color, with the drab colors in the foreground and the vibrant colors (and they’re really crisp) in the background while making everything look so flat. and the motif of stairs stairs stairs stairs. SO MANY DAMN DIAGONALS. it’s a really fun piece to look at.